Why has Pacybits been removed from the playstore and appstore?

Why can’t I find pacybits in the playstore and appstore?

It all started as a minor problem, fans began noticing that some premier league and bundesliga player names were jostled everyone thought it was temporary and everything would go back to normal in a matter of time but then it got even worse.

Pacybits updated the game but this time it came with a big red warning on launch claiming that pacybits was not affiliated with EA or any of its licensors as shown in the image below


By now it was clear pacybits was having trouble with EA and they were trying their best to remain in terms and prevent copyright infringement.

A few days later pacybits pulled some players from the game including the upgradable LTM player “ARP”.This was not taken lightly by the pacybits community as most had spent so much time on bingo to get their LTM player to max.Pacybits was quick to fix this by replacing the player “ARP” with “Esposito” and resuming everyones progress

Just when the pacybits community thought the plague was over, the impossible happened, pacybits was removed from the google playstore and the IOS appstore.Everyone was devastated, were they banned from both of these platforms?

 The community was in shock one of the best fifa companions could no longer be downloaded from the appstore or playstore but what exactly had happened?

Why pacybits was removed from the playstore and appstore

A few hours after pacybits was no longer in the appstore or playstore, its developers had the following to say note that pacybits was not banned from the playstore or appstore it’s creators removed it willingly to avoid further problems

Is this the end of pacybits?

What had become a daily routine for many came to a sudden stop but what does this mean for pacybits? is this the end?

Many pacybits creators came forward to talk about and support pacybits when it needed them most and NO pacybits is not going anywhere anytime soon it already has millions of active users and it continues to gain more as it can be downloaded from many other free servers apart from playstore and appstore this is what one of the biggest pacybits creators “Etherie” have to say about this

How can I download pacybits now that it is not in the playstore and appstore?

Pacybits is hosted by many free servers apart from the playstore and appstore. Although the removal of pacybits from both servers may affect it to some point, pacybits is still available for download to the public.

click here to download pacybits for ios and android

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