Why does VMOS ask for so many permissions?

Why does VMOS ask for so many permissions?

VMOS is known to ask for very many permissions during installation and launch, does it really need all these permissions? should you trust vmos? this article will answer all that.

VMOS as we know it is a system that can install Apps, VMOS asks for specific permissions to make sure users can use apps that need those permissions. (starting from Android 5.1 permissions must be granted for app installation)
You have nothing to worry about VMOS as it asks for all these permissions for better simulation of a physical device/phone. All permissions requested by VMOS are critical for best performance and have nothing against your personal security.This article will discuss each permission required by VMOS in detail.

All VMOS Permissions Explained

1. The Floating window permission: This permission is needed for better playing the virtual machine on the real machine interface.The floating window also enables you to simply switch between your real operating system and VMOS.

2. Storage permissions: VMOS needs storage permissions because the data in the virtual machine is usually empty, considering that you will need to transfer local files at some point this permission is very important. This permission will only be used for the file transfer station.

3. Recording permission: VMOS can be used as an independent environment and even supports making calls.This permission will only be used when you use voice transmission or make calls.

4. Camera Permissions:Latest versions of vmos now support the camera function.This permission will only be used when you use the camera, such as scanning QR code, taking photos, and video calling.

5. Device information: Because the device information of VMOS is originally empty, you need to obtain the device information of the real machine to make the device information of the virtual machine the same. There is sensitive information in these data, but note that VMOS does not upload or collect data.

6. Telephone rights: VMOS needs some device information such as IMEI of your device for better personalisation, for this the telephone rights permission in needed.

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