What is vmos? The Android Virtual Machine on Android

What Is VMOS?

VMOS is an APP software based on Virtual Machine (VM).
VMOS can be installed in the form of a normal APP to any Linux or Android system through Virtual Machine technology.
In simple terms VMOS is like a new instance created on your phone (a phone inside a phone).

What Is VMOS and why is it called a virtual machine?

VMOS is called as a virtual machine or a phone inside a phone because of the following
  • VMOS installs with its own android operating system.It does not share your phone’s operating system. Vmos installs with android 5 (lollipop) operating system
  • VMOS comes pre-rooted with a button to toggle root on or off.It does not matter if your real operating system is rooted, Vmos can be rooted and unrooted anytime by toggling root on/off
  • VMOS does not share your phone’s internal storage instead it creates its own virtual storage in your phone where it stores all it’s files
  • VMOS does not install any files to your phone’s internal storage, instead it installs all files in its temporary virtual storage meaning anything that happens on vmos does not affect your phone.E.G in the occasion where you install a virus in vmos, only the VMOS environment will be affected leaving your main operating system untouched
 The video below will give you an impression of what VMOS looks like

What is VMOS used for?

VMOS can be used in the following occasions

  • Do you want to use Game Guardian  without root?
  • Do you want to use all lucky patcher features or similar root apps without root?
  • Do you want to install another android operating system on your phone?
  • Do you want to install two similar APPS in one phone ?e.g. have 2 different independent whatsapp accounts in your phone


VMOS is a global APP devoted to creating a virtual environment in Android , a totally independent system, which is geeks’ favorite.You can own two or more social accounts online, simply balance life and work in one device

VMOS comes equiped with picture in picture mode. Floating window displays above other apps with free drag and free zoom.

VMOS can even be running background for some particular games such as PUBG, Call of duty, mobile legends etc.

Another unique feature of VMOS is a customizable resolution. Users define length, width, and DPI as their wish. Resolutions you set before will be recorded too.

VMOS is faster than any cloud phone since all the data is on your phone. VMOS does NOT need remote transmission of data.


  1. VMOS requires minimum 3gb ram
  2. VMOS requires minimum 32 GB internal storage
  3. VMOS requires minimum android 5.0 operating system (lollipop)


VMOS unlocker– To unlock and use VMOS you will need the VMOS Unlocker which basically acts as a signature verification for VMOS.
Originally we did not need the VMOS unlocker to use VMOS but after a modified beta of VMOS was released, VMOS developers were forced to go this route.You will first need to download and install the VMOS unlockerbefore you can use VMOS

Is xposed framework supported on vmos?

VMOS totally supports the xposed framework as it comes already pre-rooted.It does not matter what operating system you have installed on your device.

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