road riot games guardian

This guide will show you a simple method to cheat on road riot  with game guardian ! 



Max level

unlimited gems

unlimited coins

How to use game guardian on road riot :

  • Download and watch how to install game guardian for both root and no root devices here
  • watch the video below to know how to get these features in road riot
  • Enjoy

Requirements for using Game Guardian on road riot

The only requirement for this cheat is your game (of course) and Game Guardian which is a free app that can be downloaded from here

Game Guardian can be used both with root and without root.In this guide I will show you two methods to use game guardian one with root and the other without root.

 How to use game guardian on road riot without root:

To use game guardian without root, we will need a virtual space to emulate root for us.In simple terms we will need to install an app that will emulate root on our non rooted device basically allowing us to use most if not all Game Guardian features without root.

To use game guardian without root we will need the following

1.Your Game [of course]

2.Game Guardian

3.A virtual space app

Don’t let this term scare you, there are many virtual space apps to choose from you may have heard of or already used some yourself.A virtual space app is an app that allows you to run two instances on your phone the best example being parallel space.

The top 4 virtual spaces that work best with game guardian include: (click to download)

1.Parallel space



4.Virtual Xposed

Once you have these three apps installed, open up your virtual space app and add both your game and Game Guardian after which you can proceed to follow instructions in the video embedded above

How to use game guardian on road riot with root:

If you have root then installing and using Game Guardian should be easy.All you need is the latest version of Game Guardian which can be downloaded from here
After downloading and installing Game Guardian, grant it root rights in super user and you are good to go watch the video tutorial above to know how to use Game Guardian on your game.

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