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Lords Mobile Game Guardian

Can Game Guardian be used on lords mobile? This has been a topic for debate for a while now.While gameguardian  is known for it’s powerful nature of bypassing games, it has a few limitations that we’ll list here to determine whether game guardian can be used on lords mobile to modify in game Items such as gems and resources.

As you can see in the Image above we used game guardian to modify the gems value to 1 billion.To answer this question simply yes gameguardian can be used on lords mobile to edit in game values but the change is only visual and whenever you tr to use the modified items,lords mobile will synchronize to the IGG server and revert your edited values to what has been stored in server.

Why do edited values revert to original when trying to use them?

Lords mobile is a server baseed game meaning that most if not all values are stored in their servers.The slightest change in progress such as sending help will get stored in the server making it impossible for gameguardian to perform a real edit.

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