Is Gameguardian legit?  Does it really do what it claims? Can it be used to cheat in games Is it safe to use?This article will answer exactly that.


 You’re probably searching this after watching a video or reading an article showing game guardian being used on a certain game if you want a direct answer here you go YES game guardian is safe and legit we have checked that for you it has been known to work on most android games available on the playstore .However, like everything it comes with a few limitations that we will talk about here so you know if game guardian will work on your game of choice.

Game Guardian is a game alteration tool. With it, you can modify cash, HP, SP, and much more in game items. You can enjoy the fun part of a game without suffering from its unseasonable design. However as magical as this android cheat tool is it comes with a few limitations which include

1.Game guardian  does NOT work on server sided games it may on some but in limited extent.

Server sided games are the those that store their data in an online database and compares with the client side each time there is a value change. Game Guardian may change values in sever sided games but the change is usually only visual and reverts back when the game reconnects

2.Game guardian  is only officially released for free on android there is currently no support for IOS


You can download game guardian for root and no root on android here


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