Is Game Guardian a virus? Game Guardian is known to be banned by various games such as Pubg, Archero, need for speed,Asphalt and Mobile legends to name a few but is this because it can harm your device? This article will answer exactly that.



If you have an antivirus app installed on your android device it might identify Game Guardian as a virus some apps that identify Game Guardian as malware include Ad-Aware, Arcabit, BitDefender, CAT-QuickHeal, Emsisoft, F-Secure, GData, Ikarus, MAX but you don’t need to worry about that:

Game Guardian is NOT a virus even if it is identified as a virus. No worries, we’ve checked that out for you. In general, most antivirus applications, for a fee, will mark the application you need as a virus even if it’s not. This is their business.

This said you need to be responsible for any third party scripts that are run on Game Guardian. Following recent updates, game guardian now supports lua scripting which means lua scrips can be run via the Game guardian interface. If you are using offline scripts then you have nothing to worry about as the Game Guardian app by default, will check for any malicious code and block it if it exists however if the script requires an internet connection you need to be very careful as Game Guardian will not be responsible for such third party code.

How to determine whether the script you are using is offline or online

Whether a script is online or offline on Game Guardian can simply be determined by turning off your internet connection and trying to use the script again  however gameguardian has an inbuilt function to check this for you.You will receive a message as shown below if the script wants to access the internet

The message reads “The script wants to access the internet.If you allow access the script will be able to steal your logins,passwords,saves and other data from the game.Also it will be able to steal your other scripts,or download viruses to your device.”

To ensure that you download safe and trusted Game Guardian scripts only do so from the following trusted websites


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