Is game guardian illegal ?

Is using Game Guardian considered Illegal?

Game Guardian is a game alteration tool. With it, you can modify money, HP, SP, and much more. You can enjoy the fun part of a game without suffering from its unseasonable design.However the big question is, Is game guardian illegal? This article will answer exactly that.

Since the beginning of time cheats have always been a major part in gaming, doesn’t hurt to have a little advantage over your enemy does it? But as games advance and grow into real life esports the way we look at cheating has changed. Nowadays millions dollar prices are placed in competitive games and cheating is not taken lightly to the point where games sue for instances of cheating.

Is game guardian illegal?

There is nothing illegal about hacking a single player game with game guardian as it literally doesn’t affect anyone but you. Cheating in a single player game is the same as modifying a file you have stored in your device only you get affected. To put it simply unless you’re hacking a single player game to break the copyright protection on it in order to play it without a license or to get in app purchases for free then you are completely in the clear as you’re just trying to have fun at the expense of no one else.

Hacking multiplayer games on the other hand, depending on how you do it could be a crime but isn’t definitely a crime. If the hacking you’re doing only affects your end and doesn’t touch the server, you’re only violating your terms of service but not likely committing a crime. The worst that could happen is getting permanently banned from the game for going against the terms of service. If what you are doing revolves more around hacking the server that you’re playing on and not hacking the instance of the game running on your own computer then you’ve stepped out of bounds and could be facing a lawsuit from the game company.

Disclaimer:  Different games have different terms of service be sure to read those that came with yours to know what’s considered illegal and what’s not. Always remember you don’t own the game you only own the rights to play.

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