how to use igameguardian for csr2

This guide will show you a simple method to cheat on csr2 with igameguardian on ios ! 

This guide assumes that you already have igameguardian installed. If you have not yet installed it click here



Unlimited gold

Unlimited coins

Unlimited keys


  • 1. Launch the game and iGameguardian (CLOSE ALL OTHER APPS)
  • 2. in the game menu – go to profile / Lifetime Cash – memorize the amount.
  • 3. switch to iGameguardian – choose search / number – and enter the amount
  • 4. the search result will get you lots of hex numbers, just ignore it.
  • 5. go back to csr2 and start a rcae to change lifetime cash.
  • 6. after finishing the race, go to profile / lifetime cash and memorize the new amount.
  • 7. switch to iGameguardian and search again for the new amount.
  • 8. when you find it, click on it and edit the amount as you want (do not put high amounts to prevent Banned)
  • go back to csr2, cash should be increased.
  • 10. now for gold amount, go to iGameguardian and choose : memory / click on goto button
  • 11. click on the 4th column under your last cash edited amount.
  • 12. gold Alter Address: 0x108C0E05C.
  • 13. click on it and type your preferred amount – go back to game to see gold amount change.
  • 14. now for bronze keys. after editing gold amount, scroll down to the 3rd column and edit it.
  • 15. silver keys Alter Address : 0x108C0E070
  • 16.silver keys : scroll down to the 3rd column and edit it after bronze keys Alter Address.
  • 17. silver keyz Alter Address : 0x108C0E07C
  • 18. gold keys are the same, 3rd column after silver keys Alter Address.
  • 19. gold keys Alter Address: 0x108C0E088

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