How To Root Huawei Y9 (2019) Without PC

How To Root Huawei Honor 7A Without PC

This guide will show you a simple and risk free method to root your Huawei Honor Y9 (2019) without a pc.

Advantages of rooting your Huawei Honor Y9 (2019) using this method 

100% sure WORKING (tested) root method – This method only has 2 requirements which are already available by default on your device.These requirements are:

  • Minimum 3gb ram which is already available in your Huawei Honor Y9 (2019) 
  • Minimum 16gb internal storage which is also available on your Huawei Honor Y9 (2019) 

100% safe – This method is 100 safe from bricking.It’s risk free as it does NOT tamper with the current operating system instead it creates a new instance from where root can be emulated safely .

Easy- This method is basic and doesn’t require any previous rooting knowledge.If you can read you can do this without any trouble.Feel free to comment below for assistance if you encounter any issues.

No Pc required-You DON’T need a pc for this all you need is an internet connection  and 5-10 minutes of your time.

 How To Root Huawei Honor Y9 (2019) Without PC

  • After installing root checker close it and click here to download Vmos which is the app we will be using to emulate root in this guide.

Now install as shown in the image below

Wait for Vmos to install it may take a while. After installation click open as shown in the Image below

After opening Vmos you’ll be brought to the screen shown below click on enter Vmos as shown in the Image below

You’ll then be asked to allow floating window permissions.This is necessary for proper functioning of Vmos click on as shown in the image below

Check the option as shown in the image below to ensure these permissions are enabled correctly

After this we will enable all basic android app permissions for Vmos allow click on “to authorize” as shown in the image below

Now allow all permissions a shown below

After allowing all permissions the ROM installation should begin automatically this should take about 3-5 minutes you can monitor the installation progress as shown below

After the ROM installation is complete, Vmos will begin first launch automatically this may take a while give it time.A progress bar as the one shown below should be visible

Vmos should boot into its default homepage as the one shown below click on settings as shown in the image 

You’ll be brought to the settings menu as the shown in the image below click on Root

Success now all you have to do is check the option shown below to enable root 

After clicking on that option you’ll be given an option whether to  restart your device.Click on restart now as shown in the image below

Restart Vmos. Remember you installed root checker at the begining of this tutorial? we will now use it to check whether root has been successfully enabled click on file transportation as shown in the image below

Now click on Import as shown in the image below.We will import the root checker app into vmos you can use this option to import any other root apps

Now select the root checker app and click import as shown in the image below

Wait for installation to complete you should get a successful message as shown in the image below

Now launch root checker it should appear on the Vmos homepage as shown in the image below

Click on verify root as shown below to confirm if root has been installed successfully

You’ll get a prompt requesting super user access click on allow as shown in the image below

Congratulations!! if you followed through correctly you should get a success message as shown in the image below leave a comment to let us know if this worked for you

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