how to hide game guardian from games

Why is game guardian detected by games?

With every update game guardian gets stronger and stronger each time breaking even the most difficult games to mod.It’s without a doubt game guardian will take over the android game modding platform in a few years.But as the game guardian team continues to push updates to prevent detection by games so does the games enhance security to try and detect and force close when game guardian is detected.

Game guardian, by default has a stealth installation mode where it renames it package files and name to prevent detection by games this is usually enough to bypass most games however, game developers have noticed this and come up with better methods to detect game guardian  in any android system.

Some games that are notorious for detecting game guardian include: Pubg, rules of survival, standoff 2, mobile legends just to mention a few this guide will show you how to hide game guardian from games and prevent detection.

 how to hide game guardian from games without root

  •  First you will have to install virtual xposed. Click here to download virtualxposed
  •  After installing virtual xposed we will need the xprivacy module. Click here to download the xprivacy module
  •  Now that you have both of these apps open up the xprivacy app and select the option that says “Install with xposed installer” wait for it to be installed
  •  After installation click on ok and launch the virtual xposed app
  • Now press the menu icon in virtual xposed and click on add app
  • Now search for Game Guardian and the app that detects Game Guardian then select it after which you will add the selected apps.
  •  Now lauch XPrivacy, then select the app that detects Game Guardian and check the boxes to restrict the permissions to see open applications, the application list, and all the package names.
  •  Now open up your app and Game Guardian in Virtual Xposed. It should not be able to detect game guardian this time.
  • Enjoy


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