Does VMOS run in the cloud?

Does VMOS run in the cloud?

VMOS does NOT run in the cloud it runs locally, this means that the memory (RAM) is used and consumed during run time.The the storage space (ROM) is also used as vmos installs it’s read only memory each time on first launch.

What is the difference between VMOS and cloud phones?

The biggest difference between VMOS and cloud mobile phones lies in resource consumption.
All the performance parameters of cloud mobile phones are derived from the merchants, you can only change the internet speed.
However, VMOS is completely dependent on the performance of the real machine meaning VMOS performance relies solely on your device specifications. VMOS performance is not limited to and cannot be judged by installation on one device e.g. VMOS would run more efficiently and smoothly on a device with 8gb RAM compared to a device with 3gb RAM.
VMOS also comes pre-rooted with  a button to toggle root on or off depending on the users liking.This is not however not possible with most cloud phones.

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