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Free fire

Download the latest free fire script with anticheat and regular updates.You dontwant to miss out!!

Evil Hunter Tycoon

Download the evil hunter tycoon script for unlimited coins, gems, elementals and more.

Pubg Mobile

Download the latest pubg mobile script with all new features.Get regular updates when the game is updated

Pacybits 20

Download the pacybits 20 script with unlimited coins, duplicates, player picks, 100% collection and much more

Simcity Buildit

Download the simcity buidit script for unlimited simcash simoleons and max levels

Critical ops

Download the latest critical ops script with new features and anti cheat get immediate updates on any new version

Sniper 3d

Download the latest sniper 3d script for unlimited gold and diamonds

Worm Zone io

Download the latest worm zone io script with new amazing features!

Pack opener for fut 20

Download the new pack opener for fut 20 script with unlimited coins

Rules of survival

Download the recently updated rules of survival lua script with Fps , fly and so much more

School of chaos

Download the school of chaos lua script for one hit kill fly teleport and more cool features

Mobile Legends

Download the Mobile legends script to get all heroes unlocked for free

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